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Buffalo's very own born and based photographer, Rdubbs92, who happens to be a significant part of New York's local talent pool has dedicated his life to capturing some of life's moments through his lens. His interest in photography started back when he was in high school and has been a huge part of his life ever since. As an artist, what keeps him going is his need for "sanity" in such a chaotic world. Growing up he and his friends fostered a sense of community towards different art forms and they've helped each other grow. Some of the things he likes to photograph most are abandoned structures, subway tunnels, and graffiti which is how he came to collaborate with another New York local, Ojae.

Ojae is a graffiti artist whose interest in the matter began back in 1986 when he first set his sight on it. He's been heavily invested in the art form and is inspired by the world around him as well as the one within him. The mid 80's culture played a huge role in influencing his art from hip-hop graffiti on trains to those he saw all around him around Brooklyn as he grew up there.

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